How to get started on OnlyFans?

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Sabina Tomkova
Sabina Tomkova
Zobraziҕ viac
Nice to get more money in the pocket

Are you ready for the first payment?

A subscriber once sent me $ 100 for insulting and humiliating him. He is said to be much excited about it.

Dada Dadka

OnlyFans creator from europe

OnlyFans is very much about creativity. Even a video that doesn’t reveal all of me, it’s enough if I’m only in my underwear. As they say, a hundred people, a hundred tastes. And those tastes change throughout life. 

Some men want advice on how to turn their wives on during sex. Fans even offer me thousands of dollars for a personal meeting.

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All my life, I stick to the quote „Give and it will be given to you“. I really don’t even deal with the competition. On the contrary, I like to help other girls by sharing things from time to time. Of course, since the outbreak of the pandemic, OnlyFans is getting more and more prominent, so competition is tough. Someone has a fetish for big asses, others for big breasts, long nails, a double chin, or anything else. What I mean by that is that each model is unique in their content, so it’s definitely not a battle of who has the better video.

How much can I earn on OnlyFans?

Female creators usually pull $ 10,000 a month.¬†Don’t be fooled by average creator earning – $ 151. It’s¬†based on the average number of subscribers 21 and the average price of the subscription $ 7.20 (for all genders).

How many followers do you have on Instagram?

If your answer is more than 1 000, you will earn way beyond than average creator. Getting started on OnlyFans will be just like riding a bicycle.

Average earnings are misleading‚Äč

The amount you can earn on OnlyFans as a female creator depends on:

You earn much more from messages or tips

How to get started on OnlyFans and earn over $ 1000?

Action steps


Create an account on OnlyFans by clicking here 

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Create a smart content plan

Provide a little taste in a free account and other websites, where you promote your OnlyFans account.



Show an explicit content gradually

Set up a high price for top spicy content in paid messages. Show up with your hot female friend too.

Get profit from tips

Chat actively with your fans. Ask them, what they desire and adjust your content according to it.



Build yourself up based on your content‚Äč

Are your fans aroused by your body? Focus on gym training. Are your fans turned on by you in a costume? Invest in a professional looking ones.

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